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Генеральный секретарь Горбачёв (General Secretary Gorbachev) has expressed

supreme disappointment in the quality of all current naruzhka operations.

You are hereby ordered to immediately review and

refile your disgraced superior's report on the recent

disappearance of suspected dissident Иван Петрович

(Iván Petróvich AKA "Dyadya Vanya"). 

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All of our files have been transferred to a digital format

in order to avoid The continued leaking of state secrets.

to Access your report, click "RUN PROGRAM" below And

Log On To our new computational processing system.

Dyadya Vanya: Files From A Dacha With 26 Rooms is an interactive digital Experience inspired by Anton Chekhov.

This is Counterintelligence Mission is a Production of THE Columbia University S.o.A. 

Created by Phoebe Brooks & Dylan Gurrera [Special officers of the Theatrical M.F.A. Unit] ©APRIL 2021 

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