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Welcome aboard, Agent.

The year is 1989 and it’s been a sultry Soviet summer here in the offices of the Fifth Directorate for State Security.

Log on to our computerized filing system to review recent surveillance footage and evidence in order to crack the case.

In the spirit of Glasnost,


you must hurry to uncover the truth before the trail goes cold!


Sonya’s Uncle Vanya is missing and she needs your help. 


Due to an ongoing internal investigation, we have recently heightened the security level on our filing system.

When prompted, log on with this Case-Sensitive Password: Glasnost21

Have you got the password? Excellent. Now click the link below for your full briefing.

While this organization prides itself on efficiency, even our fastest agent has been known take at least 30 minutes to file all his paperwork. As this is your first assignment with us, we have granted you database access for as long as you like so that you may go and come as you wish. All that we ask it that you be diligent (for the sake of Mother Russia).

CW: Please be aware this case file contains references to depression, suicide, death, homophobic language and explicit sexual activities.

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